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Just built a gel chamber, blue LED transilluminator, ect.. selling - (Feb/20/2013 )

I hope to have the gel doc system completed in the next few weeks (really excited, looks majorly cool). I was looking into selling the system, or perhaps building another to sell. Is there a market for these? Do grad-students, teachers, colleges want this equipment for low prices?

A little picture of the transilluminator and gel tank (without the orange filter and fitting under the tank)
Attached Image


There is a market for these, but the majority are sold by major manufacturers such as Biorad and come with cameras, software and computers as a bundle (not cheap though). Schools would probably be interested in this sort of product. There are already a number of low cost similar items out there that use ImageJ as the software and just require a camera and computer to run.

The market is moving towards blue light transillumination with relatively non-toxic dyes, instead of UV transillumination and EtBr


I'm researching as to which camera would be perfect fiscally and for durability. Also managed to case a raspberry pi with linux on it for the image capturing software for much cheaper.