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Working with recombinant human IL-6 - (Feb/20/2013 )

I would like to know your experience working with IL-6. I'm having a lot of problems to preserve it, because just after reconstitution it works properly, but after short periods of storage (aliquoted and frozen at -70° C), it loses activity. Does anyone have any experience with it?


Some time ago i did elisa of human IL-6. I stored the samples at -70C. When I thawed the plasma samples in room temperature and did test I have wrong results. I did it for patients after 48 hours after infarct, so I expected high values, but I had lower activity...I think there was not storage conditions influence the problem, but kind of thawed samples.
If you were working on fresh plasma samples(not frozen) everything was OK? And the problems started after frozen samples??
Maybe will be better to thawed plasma in 37C? I need to do it, sometimes when I measurement plasma proteins. If you decide to do it, if also think it is smart to use water bath instead incubator(plasma must be fast thawed)