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Multiple Non-Specific Bands in Western Blot Detected... - (Feb/13/2013 )

Hi All !!!!

I recently did WB of total histones from Chicken Liver samples with Anti-Histone H3 antibody from Abcam ( #ab1791 here is the link to its details : ) used at dilution 1:70,000 .
Now the problem is that it picks multiple non-specific bands.

The typical histone profile of chicken looks like

but you can see in my blots (as attached file) that in addition to picking H3 and delta-H3, it non-specifically picks H1 and probably H5 even at 1:70,000 dilution. Also, a band just above H3 which usually is not visible in gel is also detected by it (?????).

So, could anybody pls help me with that !!!Attached Image

Thanx .


don't worry about H1 and H5. your delta-H3 looks pretty sharp.