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Finding promoters and genes - (Feb/11/2013 )


Does anyone know of any annotated databases containing genes and the genes promoter sequences? I have been looking at many databases and cannot seem to find this information in a format which is slightly easy to analyse. Could someone please give any suggestions of relevant sources I can look at? I am trying to analyse promoter sequences for any gene.

Please let me know if any sources. Any help will be really appreciated.
Thank you!


Please first read this post

If you have specific questions, let us know. Also what organism are you interested and how many promoters (genes) you wish to find? What do you want to get from the database (actual sequence or structure information)?


Thank you for your reply pcrman :) I did read your post before posting my question but I did not find my answer. Basically I need a lot of data which I can analyse, and finding a promoter for a specific gene one by one will take a while. I am basically developing a computational tool where user enters a cDNA sequence and its promoter sequence and the most suitable plasmid in which the gene can be expressed returns to the user.