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concentration of FCS to simulate the human serum concentration in wounds - (Feb/08/2013 )

Dear researchers,

With my speculations i just don't get any further. I wonder, which concentration of FCS do you reckon as an appropriate to simulate the concentration of human serum (incl. the whole bunch of growth factors, cytokines etc.) in the wound during the wound healing process.

In the majority of studies 10% FCS is being picked, but i haven't found even one article explaining why.

You're my hope :))

Many thanks in advance!!

-Sokalskiy Wlad-

10% FCS is approximately equal to the seum concentration in blood. Can't comment of the growth factors etc, other than to say there are lots in FCS, being from an actively growing foetus.


FCS is the best wound healing formulation you will find. Many wound healing assays require you to lower or even remove the FCS because it is so full of growth factors that you will struggle to see an increase in healing upon adding your test compound.
I once had moderate success trialing adult bovine serum but the PI at that time pulled the plug because it was not standard and I went back to starving the cells prior to assaying.