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Storing NovaBlue Transformation Reactions in SOC - (Feb/01/2013 )

How long can transformation reactions be stored at 4 degrees? I'd like to transform NovaBlue competent cells (recover in 850uL SOC for 1 hour with shaking), and store them over the weekend to be plated Sunday evening. Any special steps I should take? Any recommendations? I was wondering if I could simply store the cell suspension/ liquid culture at 4 degrees or should I pellet the bacteria and store at -20? Should I just suck it up and go in Sunday night?
Thanks for any and all input!


-20 will kill the bugs (freeze/thaw) unless you make a glycerol stock, in which case -80 is better. You can store them for a couple of days at 4 deg C, but the number of bacteria that survive drops off quickly. It is always much much much better to do the plating immediately after the recovery.