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vaccine take - (Jan/29/2013 )

Hello All,

Am currently working with immune response among vaccinated people and would like to know if anyone knows how to calculate the take of the vaccine, its also called vaccine take. I have been trying to get some form of literature supporting these words and would be great if anyone here knows the term.



I think you'll find that "vaccine take" isn't a scientific term, so won't be used in the literature. Its more a lab shorthand/colloquialism for vaccine efficacy or individual vaccine effectiveness.

As for the calculation, I am unsure of what you are wanting to calculate. The number of people vaccinated who become immune?


I'm going to receive this very vaccination quite soon!
My lab supervisor was talking about a couple of lab members to simply didn't 'take' the vaccine when it was administered. He mentioned
that one of them had been immunized just because she had worked with VACV for so long... so a nasty scab area didn't appear on her
skin (or on the skin of the other guy... who didn't "take" the vaccine either)