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Need help calculating cell number to plate - (Jan/23/2013 )


I know this is a no brainer but I am struggling and the formula that I have been using I think is wrong. I have used a hemacytometer and have calculated it this way before, but now I am using an automated cell counter and not sure if I am taking everything into consideration.

I want to plate 1x10^5 cells into a T-25 flask with a final volume of 10 mls. My cell sample is 20 ul into 20 ml of isoton (1/1000). The cell counter accounts for this dilution. I am trying to conduct proliferation experiments to determine doubling time. Is there a specific formula to calculate this.

-Tarheel Peach-

So the cell counter gives you a number of cells/ml? If so you can use C1V1=C2V2 to do the calculation or c=n/v if you prefer