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Can I pause a bacterial culture at 4C - (Jan/22/2013 )

Hi evryone,

I'm doing a 5ml liquid culture of DH5 E.coli transformed with an ampicillin resistance plasmid. I'd like to have a culture that grew 12 to 16h in LB before doing the miniprep but that is really not fitting well my planning. I was wondering if it's OK to pause the culture by placing the tube at 4°C and then replace them at 37°C ?
WIll this step have any consequence on the bacterial growth or the plasmid expression?

Thanks in advance for your answers!



Sure, you can do that. It seems that you are worried about it growing too long. You can do minipreps from 5mL cultures that grew for 22h without a problem. Either way, you shouldnt have any issues


Thanks a lot!