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Heeeeeelp..cell cycle it possible to store it? - (Jan/19/2013 )

Dear All,
After I got my samples ready (quite large samples) for cell cycle analysis I found the FACS is not working I got very upset because I spent long time preparing these samples. Actually I didnt know what is the proper thing I should do with the samples especially because I was working in weekend so I decided to put the samples in -80 (samples labeled with PI) ....

Do you think it is possible to store labeled samples??

Please please offer me all the help you can...

Many thanks in advance


It should be fine to store at 4 deg C if they are fixed, you may need to re-label the samples with PI though. -80 will probably cause the cells to be too damaged by ice crystal formation during the freeze/thaw process, to be used.


Thank you so much for ur replay. So I need to prepare the samples again :(