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toxic test for HEK 293 - (Jan/17/2013 )


I am new member in here.

I want to do toxic test by using HEK 293.

I only know HEK 293 is from human embryonal kidney.

If i use a compound that is toxic, the compound really has cytoxicity for HEK 293.

Can the cytoxicity of HEK 293 describe the compound affect which potition of renal? (like glomerulus, loop of Henle, or distal convoluted tubule )

Sorry for my bad english.

Thanks a lot for your helps.

-cell 293-

Unfortunately, despite the name, the exact type of cells produced by the transformation of the HEKs when the original experiments were being performed is unknown. Embryonic kidneys contain many cell types, not just differentiated kidney cells. The most recent evidence is that these are a neural type cell and as such are not able to be used as a kidney toxicity test.

Have a look on the ATCC ( website for kidney cell lines.


Thanks for your message.
I will search more information about it.

-cell 293-