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Human or Mouse TFG-beta1? - (Jan/14/2013 )

Hello everyone,

I'm going to start to work in chondrogenic differentiation of a mouse bone marrow MSCs immortalized cell line. We still have a lot of human TFG-beta1 from other works. My doubt is about using this human factor in mouse cells. I have seen in blastp that the translated sequence for the mouse mRNA have a big match with the human one, but it also has with human TGF-beta3. Any advice, please? If i could use the growth factor it woul be great, because it's an expensive material.


-Lord Apoptosis-

It should work fine, I think they are more or less interchangeable amongst the mammals.


Thanks, I would try. After looking more information, I found that the mature protein is practically the same among mammals. In my first search I was doubtful because the differences I was seeing, but I realized later that I was comparing the precursor protein, which non-functional part is much less conserved.

-Lord Apoptosis-

TGF beta 1 is pretty expensive so you should try not to buy again if you can avoid it. Yes, it should work fine. In fact you can go furtehr between species and get good results. We have used Zebrafish FGF2 and got good results for maintaining human ES cells. So if you can go from Zebrafish to human, mouse should be no problem. The other point is production system. E coli or mammalian? There may be some applications where it matters, but usually not.