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How to know which expirements to do? - (Jan/12/2013 )

Hi everybody,

I want to write a research statment for my phd application... I really don't know how to start with it... like if they ask me in the intreview which expirements will i do, i don't have much idea about it... I did my master on breast cancer cell line coz that's what i like... i know the expirements on this part, but i'm sure there are more to do...

my research ideas so far:
1- study drug resistance in breast cancer
2- search on medication targeting the gene itself
3- search for medication targeting specific receptor, but with lower toxicity or side effects

would you all please guid me... since i'm totally lost.. I work in a clinical field, and did the lab work during my master years only.. so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase help me


Well, generally they are expecting that you have an overview about that what you will doing in your experiments. Understanding the techniques which you will use to get you to your target/aim. Normally, they should give you an main project which will be splitted or added into small project during your Phd Journay.

Its not easy with your description to make an clear research statment. You know that breat cancer is well studied field in oncology. So you must specify little bit more.

Field in which you will be involved are:

1. Molecular Biology - Recombinant DNA Technology, Cloning, PCR, qPCR, DNA Microarray, etc.
2. Biochemistry - Recombinant Protein Technology, SDS-PAGE, Wester-Blot, IP, Pulldown etc.
3. Cell Biology - Primary Cell, Immortalized Cell Line, Transient/Stable Transfection, siRNA and/or shRNA, MTT Test, Apoptosis Test, Proliferation Assay etc.
4. Screening - small molecules Library, Inhibitors etc.

If i could help you in this way.