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survival strategy of bacteria - (Jan/11/2013 )

Hi Everybody!

Do You know why some species of bacteria survive in macrophages? I need to find something about their strategy!!



There are several mechanisms. Is it a certain species you are interested in.
A quick google search for "bacterial survival in macrophages" gave, among others, these results:

There is a number of research articles out, you can also search in PubMed, for instance.


Thank You very much!

Epecially I am interested in survival strategy of E. coli. I know that these bacteria produce catalases which destroy H2O2.
But what else?


This, for instance:


Hey Guys i think that this strategy represents the transformative changes in the shape and size of bacterial cells.However, this reliability could be affected in some conditions such as environmental stress and changes in microbe style.These are survival strategies that impact the microbe normal structure in reaction for example to natural defense reaction,and anti-microbial signs.Thanks a lot!!