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can restriction enzymes be stored at -70C? - (Jan/09/2013 )

Hi everyone,

I'm having troubles with my -20° C freezer, it works fine for a time but sudenly heats! I have restriction enzymes enzymes, PCR stuff, some antibodies and DNA samples. It have been "fixed" several tinmes but still the same =(, and boss says there's no money so we always are running to store things in other labs which is really impractical for work.

we hace a -70°C Revco and i now i can store perfectly fine my DNA samples there, but i don't know in the case of enzymes. My logic says it would be fine but want to be sure.

Does enyone knows or have done ir before?

Manu thanks in advance


A few freeze/thaw cycles would be fine, but the glycerol in the storage buffer is intended to keep the enzyme liquid at -20, to eliminate the need for freeze/thaw cycles in everyday use. Our REs are shipped on dry ice, which is at -80.


so i could make alicuots and store them at -70°C so when i took one out to use i would not freeze it again and not spoil it?


Yes, that would be fine.