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Cisplatin affect of HeLa - (Jan/06/2013 )


I have tested apoptotic activity for Cisplatin againts HeLa cells using RayBio® Human Apoptosis Antibody Array Kit.
The results is confusing where expression of p53 and caspase 3 decreases overtime but level of XiAP decreases dramatically.

So, does it shows apoptosis?

-Lim Cheng Hoe-

Cisplatin should increase p53 expression and decrease XIAP expression, while increasing the amount of cleaved caspase-3. Based on the Raybiotech website, it seems they're array is detecting the apoptosis-induced cleavage product of caspase-3: although you should try to confirm that their antibody isn't detecting full-length and cleaved forms. I suspect you are studying "noise".