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How to transform adherent cells to suspension (CHO cells) - (Jan/04/2013 )

I want generate adherent cells to suspension cells. I not mean trypsinyzing. Can anyone help?


Some adherent cells grow in suspension when you use serum-free media. However, be aware that this can change the characteristics of the cells ! I also know that sigma at least has a serum-free medium for CHO suspension cells, but I think it's expensive and probably other serum-free media are also going to do the trick.


There is a wealth of good information on the web about adapting CHO adherent cells to suspension culture and serum free medium, search for "adapting CHO adherent cells to suspension". You can find information from Invitrogen/Gibco,Thermo Scientific Hyclone, and other suppliers of
SFM... about adaption methods as well.