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Ok how do I clean out an old fume hood? - (Dec/31/2012 )

Due to a recent re-organization of our lab, we've inherited some space that used to be common space. Being formerly common space, it was ill-maintained and often neglected. This space contains a fume hood that's still certified for proper function, but dirty and dusty beyond all comprehension. That lab was used for some molecular biology and histology, so at least I'm not dealing with radiation or anything. Since the grime that's accumulated in the fume hood is presumably riddled with all sorts of residues, is cleaning it myself a safe bet?


Fume hood as in one that takes away solvent fumes or do you mean a biological safety hood?

If the former, and you know what sort of work it was used for, then you should be able to look up the MSDS for the relevant chemicals and have a go yourself with appropriate PPE. Most solvents should evaporate quite quickly in these sorts of conditions, so there shouldn't be a problem there, but powder chemical residues can be a bit of a risk.

I would suggest asking your local chemistry department for advice.

Biological safety hood should be properly fumigated before attempting cleaning! But should be fine from there.