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Choose Ribosome or DNA - (Dec/23/2012 )

Hello All,
I was wondering if anyone help me to answer this question which is;
If you are a cell and I told you to threw one of these organisms which is ribosome or DNA. Which one you will choose and why?
Thanks All



Clearly a homework question so I have moved your post.

How about you provide some sort of answer rather than us just giving you the answers. Note that neither ribosomes or DNA are organisms or even organs (presuming you made a typo).


DNA and Ribosomes both of them are organelles . DNA is inherited from the partents and DNA in the eukaryotic cell ;it control the development of the cell and know how to function in the cell.DNA found in the nucleous and it allow DNA for replication.However, DNA after replication is doing transcribion to produce RNA. The pre-mRNA synthesized at the end transcription which need some modification after it complete the transcribition .the m-RNA move to the cytoplasm after it checked its transcribited .

mRNA carry copies of genetic meterials that are used to assemble amino acids to produce proteins/polypeptide chains.However, Ribosome for eukaryotic cell is found in the cytoplasm and the active ribosome contain of r-RNA +protein. The ribosome have catalytic properties and it has its own structure . Ribosome (two subunits) hold the m-RNA. The t-RNA(is

small ribosomal subunit to recogize the5' of the m- RNA) The small ribosomal subunit scans RNA until it reaches the AUG codon and it combines both of the to large and small subunit to produce protein.That's why I dont know which one to threw it , both of them are important without DNA there is no RNA for ribosome to make protein and without prothein there is no function.
Thats what I know , thank you