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Prepare protein standards for concentration determination - (Dec/22/2012 )

Please, can anyone help me? I would like to use Tri reagent for simultaneous isolation of RNA and protein. According to protocol my protein should be resuspend and store in 1% SDS. After this step I'll estimate my protein using the BCA method.. But I have no ide in which reagent I should make serial dilutions of my standards, in 1% SDS or in water. I think that 1% SDS should be used as blank. I'll be very appreciative for any help in this case.
Thank you in advance.


Standards should be in the same solution as your blank and your samples.

Note that the BCA has some restrictions on the amounts of detergents and other reagents that may cause it to not work properly. Check the manual for the concentrations of detergents which will cause this to happen.