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do you know PathwayAssist? - (Dec/27/2003 )

Have you tried these software? PathwayAssist 2.0 (Adrian Genomics) or Vector pathBlazer (InforMax)
Could you share your experience
Thanks all input


PathwayAssist is a quite powerful tool for both visualization and analysis of networks.
Good thing about it is that it has a literature mining module which can connect directly to pubmed and deliver new facts.
It also has a huge database of facts already extracted from Pubmed - so there is plenty of knowledge to mine.

The interface is good, but requires a little bit of learining, thoug I find that it worth it.

Never tred the other software, sorry.


from where i can get this software. :D
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-rajeev ranjan singh-


Stratagene is selling PathwayAssist. You can find them on hte web.



excellent programs and very useful!

-Paul Shapshak, PhD-


This technology looks have a big potential in research. But Iím asking myself if the acquisition of these kind of programs is a good inversion. I heard this kind of systems are really expensive. How much, for example, PathwayAssist costs?

I suppose that the real core of this technology is the database or databases and I also heard that the access to this databases could has an additional cost, is this true?



Hi, PathwayAssist is not too expensive - it is ablut $2000 for academics, and the database is included.

Also, it has MedScan text mining module which can update my pathways with recent information from PubMed, so I don't have to wait for the database updates.