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Please help me to apply this formula to find solarimeter - (Dec/19/2012 )

Please help me to apply this formula to find solar radiation

A. Cloud cover observations
Model Kasten and Czeplak (1980):
K = < K > (a1 sin h + a2) (1 + b1 Nb2)
Where, a1 and a2 are local turbidity coefficients and N = 1 for overcast skies, b1 and b2 are constants.

second eqn:
. Sunshine duration measurements
2. Stanhill (1983):
For Northern Hemisphere:
K = 9.31 – 0.1033 ø + 0.00030 H (unit GJm-2yr-1)
For Southern Hemisphere:
K = 10.34 – 0.1253 ø + 0.00035 H (unit GJm-2yr-1)
The Stanhill formulae applies to any world location between latitudes 20o and 55o.
Elevation differences affects the transmission path of global radiation.
Ø is latitude and H is terrain elevation in m.

Thank in advance


I have moved this to the homework forums as it is clearly not a Biochemistry methods question.

You need to supply your latitude, elevation, cloud cover estimates etc (i.e. the variables you mention) for this to be applied.


Thanks, can you please tell me how to appply it with this equation


Refer to