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SDS PAGE gel storing - (Dec/17/2012 )

how to store the SDS PAGE gel for long time after takin photo and all

as I dont want to run it again and again


Have you stained it with coomassie?

If so, it is fixed with the methanol and can be dried out on a gel drier or flattened out between pieces of filter paper, but the latter of these doesn't work so well as the gel distorts quite a bit.


yes i hv satined it

could u give some refernce books or links for the above methods ......... to get a better idea of it


I always air-dry my gels.

In my current lab we use this: http://tools.invitro...dryease_man.pdf

I've also found this: http://www.promega.c....pdf?la=en and I think BioRad has something similar, but I've never used either.

In my old lab we had wooden frames and clamps (the type you can buy in any stationery shop) so we just had to buy the cellophane (I cant remember where from, but found this Oh, and we didn't use any "drying solutions" just water.

All you have to do is soak the cellophane sheets (2 per gel) in water until they are "soft" (a bit like with dialysis tubing), then place your gel in between the two sheets, and place this in the frame keeping it tense. I find the best way to do this is by placing 1 sheet onto the frame, then your gel, then the second sheet on top. Place second frame on top and clamp, making sure there are no bubbles between the sheets and your gel, or it will crack! Leave on the bench overnight, and et voila, your gel is dry

-almost a doctor-