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Thermal cycler recommendation - (Dec/17/2012 )

Any good thermal cycler to recommended?
currently i laid my eye on Biorad's C-1000. any other better than this?


My experience with Biorad cyclers is limited to a single model, which has been OK, though a bit buggy in terms of the software. However, in general Biorad products look good based on the catalogue, but turn out to be a bit annoying. For example the model we have has a temp gradient function that instead of being the rows (i.e. 12 positions,) runs down the columns (8 positions).

I can recommend Hybaid (possibly now thermo-fisher) and MJ cyclers.


These Biorad cyclers are the successors of MJ Research PTC line of cyclers (as Biorad acquired MJ some time ago). MJ's were considered one of the best cyclers available.
We are currently having MJ Mini and are pretty content with it.
C-1000 model is the highest in range, with the ability of changing blocks from96 to 2x48 (when you can run two different reactions) or other (but I personally wouldn't trust much the real-time one), so it's more versatile,high-throughput, and also with networking ability.
However it also has touchscreen and operation system, and from experience, these are the first thing that would go off, older cyclers could last for 20 years, because they were simple.
It depends on your needs.

Other company to look for reliable cyclers is Life Technologies (they acquired former Perkin-Elmer long time ago), their Verity model can run six different temperatures instead of gradient.


we have a biometra personal cycler and have had no significant problems. they are easy to use and reliable.

if you want to get one on the cheap (and don't mind working with your hands) you can check out openpcr.


@mdfenko: LOL But "build it" basicaly just by screwing parts together around Peltier block? It can cut the price when you're like.. on the edge, but kind of doesn't fulfil neither my expectations for a cycler nor a proper DIY. And if price is such a concern, you have problem to run lab at all. So I can only imagine it as some garage scientists equipement with a hint of coolness.


I have come across this thermal cycler: Speedcycler2, which heating rate of 15C/s and cooing rate of 10C/s.
So far I only see heating rate of 4C/s and cooling rate of 3C/s in most thermal cyclers.


I also recomend Biometra themral cyclers. Easy to use and incredibly silent.


I've been very happy with the MJ (now Bio-Rad) cyclers. We now have many Eppendorf Mastercycler units, which work well, despite having some klunky software quirks.