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White bands on Cy3 gels - (Dec/14/2012 )


I imaged Cy3 gels using the Typhoon scanner coupled with a proper set of Laser, Excitation and Emission filters.

Yet, in addition to the conventional 'dark' Cy3 bands, I also observed that certain protein bands appeared as 'white' on the same gel.

Have you encountered this before? Or what may be the possible cause of this?

P.S. I have imaged the same gel using another fluorescent scanner (Pharos FX; Bio-rad). The 'white' bands still persisted, suggesting that it was likely not the scanner problem.

Thanks a lot in advance! Please kindly give me some advise.


Hi there,
I haven't used a Typhoon, but for other imagers that I have used the white band effect represents a saturation of those specific pixels in the image. Can you rescan at a lower intensity?