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Running time is excessively long, bunched ladder - (Dec/10/2012 )

I'm having issues running my gels. Most people in my lab run an 8% gel at 80V for 30 mins then at 120V for 60 mins, and they get good results with this. However, when I run under the same conditions, mine take over 4 hours and sometimes up to 6. It takes around 90 mins for the proteins and ladder to migrate through the stacking gel alone. I have also noticed that the ladder is distorted, it bunches up between the 37 kD to the 150 kD markers. Can anyone make any suggestions regarding what my issue may be?



Check your buffer components, and the pH of the tris you use to make the gels. This is most likely to be from an incorrectly made buffer.


Thank you, in the end it turned out to be my running buffer!