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Effect of low and high nutrient medium on bacterial attachment? - (Dec/09/2012 )

Is there any effect of nutrients in the medium on the attachment of bacteria. For example the E.coli bacteria with same OD~0.3 within two (high and low) nutirent medium will attach differently, I mean the number of bacteria attach should be different or same. If you provide some article that would be of great help.


-Fiaq Khan-

These are purely hypothetical:

If attachment is caused by expression of a certain protein that aids/results in the cell attachment (quorum sensing system), and the expression depends on nutrient availability, it then follows that attachment will be affected by the type of medium you use.

Another view is such, that initial attachment is independent of the type of media but after the first colonizers have adjusted to the attachment surface, subsequent excretion of polysaccharide (biofilm formation) could be dependent on media type.

I certainly have lots more to learn from you on this subject :)