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Large scale Viral RNA purification Kit - (Dec/06/2012 )

Hello All

I Infected hela cells with virus, and left it for 24 hours in 100mm dish ( 10 ml media) . Now i separated the cells which 99% of them were killed off by the virus, and took the supernatant. From this supernatant which is 10ml, i want to isolate the viral RNA. QIAGEN kits can deal with small amount of samples. Here , i have got 10ml.

What would you advice me to do? what is the best kit or/and method around to deal with this issue?

Many thanks


if the virus has killed 99% of the cells then you must have a lot of particles in 10 ml, which means you can just take 200 ul of it and follow a Trizol extraction method.


Thanks Curtis.

You are absolutely right. But i am looking for a specific Recombination event, so i need to isolate every thing in the media.


i don't know what you are interested in, but if i were you i would purify my virus by an ultracentrifuge.