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different type of media for cell culture - (Nov/28/2012 )


I usually use DMEM/F12 to grow the osteoblast hFOB 1.19 and osteosarcoma U2- OS . but, due to my dmem/f12 almost finish and waiting for the new delivery, is that possible if I use DMEM only without F12? is that ok for their food while waiting for the new dmem/f12 to arrive?


I guess ur original medium has more nutrients that DMEM alone, so there will be a decrease in some nutrients compared to ur original one, so I guess this might lead to change in ur cells such as growth or any thing else in ur cells (the worst case scenario: genetic drift I dont know may be).
If I was u, I will not do this, as I will be afraid that my cells may be changed by different level of nutrients and my results my be changed according to that.
U could freez ur cells in liq N2 till ur medium arrive, then start over again if this option is possible.
I would do this if I was in ur feet.