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in vivo naked-mRNA delivery - (Nov/26/2012 )

hi all
this might seem a rather-not-related subject as this is a miRNA forum, but I was wondering if any body has any kind of experince with in vivo naked-mRNA delivery, possibly using simple soltins like ringer's or PBS.


Have you read the papers on delivering mRNA of stem cell factors to reprogram somatic cells into iPS cells? I believe the mRNA has to be modified to make it stable.

This recent paper should have cited the original paper describing this approach


tnx pcr man. stabilizing RNA's backbon is an excellent approache and has been utilizied in a lot of rna studies, however naked not-inhanced rna has proven effective too. I couldn't find anything on the formulation though, other than " ringer solution" or "PBS"



what organ are you trying to target in vivo?
Some researchers have been successful with siRNA infusion using minipump in the brain (I.e Thacker et al.)


hello again

change of planes! if I were to transfect cell lines with nacked- invitro transcribed- mrna, what would be the best and cheapest method? could I use DNA transfecting reagents? dose anyone have any experience with lipofectamin ltx( plus).

thank you all