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Neurosurgery - (Nov/23/2012 )


I am doing a Neurosurgery in the rat`s cranium to fix an headpiece (a very small plastic cylinder) and i am covering the open surgical wound with the dental cement .Dental cement is used here also to provide a firm contact between the head piece and cranium.We would like to have the headpiece on the rats for a longer period like,atleast two months.The current problem we are facing now is the rats are able to take off the headpiece quite often.Is it possible to have any nice glue which will not have any reaction with the bone and also safe to be used on the animal?or any small screws which are used in the animal research of MRI scanning???or any innovative ideas to make the headpiece to stay on the rat`s head in a really firm manner,that the rats gets used to it and not try to take it off again!!!!!!!!Any Suggesstions /ideas which would improve the experiment could be of a great help.

Peeps plssss HELP ME OUT ...
Thanks in advance...

-Daphnie Leenus-

Have you tried Cyanoacrylate (superglue)?


Hi Thelomitra,
Thanks for the response,I didnt tried it yet.But,i would like to know some information about the glue.Have you been using it for the animal surgeries?i hope it doesnt have any reaction with the rat`s cranium?and if you are using it,may i know the longitive effect of the glue on the bone?

Thanks a lot in advance.


-Daphnie Leenus-

I haven't used it, but it is used in surgery for humans and other animals, though mostly in the place of stitches. I don't know how it will interact with bone.


Screws made from titanium would be compatible with MRI (titanium is a nonferrous metal, so doesn't affect MRI). You would obviously, however, have to be extremely careful not to damage the brain in the process.