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Serum inactivation: - (Nov/20/2012 )

I have read many studies genrerally inactivate the serum used in assays - inactivation at 56 degree for 30 min.
1. Why this is done ?
2. Is this inactivation done only for specific experiments like - Invitro inhibition, ELISA etc ?

Thank you for your time.


-science noob-

Heat inactivation was 1c deemed necessary 2 destroy heat labile components,such as complements.

In addition 2 complement inactivation, heat inactivation was believed 2 inactivate adventitious microbial contaminants such as mycoplasmas...

U can find drawbacks of heat inactivation here:

heat inactivation increases the formation of precipitates (which are frequently mistaken for a microbial contaminant) & decreases d growth promotion capacity of d serum


-Nimal Raveendran-