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phage lysate purification - (Nov/14/2012 )

dear researchers.
i need technical help though the situation for me is lil bit weird.i have used a phage to lyse a bacterium.after getting the phage lysate.i have to separate out my bacterial lysate from the phage.guys i dont have to purify the phage .i need to recover the lysed cellular products from the phage with minimum damage to the proteins in the lysate .ofcourse we do have centrifugation and PEG to purify or separate out the phage but i cant use them coz my bacterial proteins will be altered.are there any filters that could be used to separate out the lysed bacterial products from the phage or any other procedure.beside proteins to be recovered in the lysate fall below 150Kda.


You can get molecular weight cut-off spin filters from a number of places. Amicon is probably the best known of the manufacturers


thanx for the suggestion.i will try out