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How would you find a certain tissue specific promoter for my construct? - (Nov/13/2012 )

I am making constructs to express various proteins in specific tissues. Some of them are easy, like finding neural or vascular specific promoters, but some have me stumped. How do I find a promoter for expression in a specific type of muscle, for example only in quadriceps, only in limb skeletal muscle but not other skeletal muscle, or especially only in diaphragm? Is there an easy way to search for genes expressed only in specific tissues (and in sub-types, like a specific muscles)?

Also then, can you make a transgene that requires two specific promoters so it is only expressed when both promoters are active or turned off when a different promoter is active?



I am doubtful that there are promoters so tissue specific as to only express in a special piece of mussel though some genes do have a spatial pattern in expression in the same type of tissues or cells,


Try - they have tissue specific information.