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Plasma effect on PBMC proliferation - (Nov/12/2012 )

Hi everybody,

I want to test the effects of patients plasma on the prolifiration of allogenic PBMC activated by anti CD3/CD28 so i got some questions over my protocol:

do you think that i have to starve my cells from serum 24 hours before the test?
what is the concentration of plasma to be used (I'm thinking of 7,5% to 10% with RPMI)?
is there any need to evaluate the toxicity of the plasma on the allogenic PBMC (like viability test)?
I think about using a healthy donors serum like control?

Thx alot for your help


I think you may need NC serum and FBS as your control.
I remember these is a paper from science, many years ago, used 20% serum. But you may need the titration.