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comment yield of BMDC (mDC) from 1 mouse - (Nov/11/2012 )

What is the yield of BMDC from 1 mouse BM?
If I get 3X10^7 BM cells from 1 mouse and how many DC I can get from these cells after 5-7 day culture (IL-4 and GMCSF, 10ng/ml)?


Anyone know?
I can only get 6 million BMDC from 1 mouse, and only 1 million BMDC after transfection and 5 days culture. Is that too small population?
Thanks for your help!!!


I get 2-3 times the input cell number after 9 days with GM-CSF/IL4. See this paper and others from this group. An advanced culture method for generating large quantities of highly pure dendritic cells from mouse bone marrow.

Lutz MB, Kukutsch N, Ogilvie AL, Rössner S, Koch F, Romani N, Schuler G.
J Immunol Methods. 1999 Feb 1;223(1):77-92.

The lot of fetal calf serum used is important.

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