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How to Compare CT values between treated and untreated bacteria with uneven grow - (Nov/09/2012 )

I exposed my bacterium to different factors which may affect the expression of a gene. however it has affected the growth of my bacterium. i can't compare CT values from a medium with a "lot" of bacterium and a medium with "less". Im thinking on diluting until they will have the same absorbance on the spectrophotometer. If you have any sugggetsion, feel free to share. Any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers.


Yeah, I would plot the growth and make sure both are in log phase then take samples, and making sure that both give the same OD. In the end you are examining the RNA, so technically the growth of the bacteria wouldn't matter too much so long as you put equal amounts of RNA into the cDNA reaction and so into the qPCR.