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Arginine on anione IEC - (Nov/07/2012 )

Hello everyone!
Has anyone tried to perform anion exchange chromatography in the presence of arginine in basic buffer or encountered any papers on the subject?
I have found a few papers on the influence of arginine on katione exchange chromatography, but absolutely nothing on anion exchange. I would be very grateful for any clues.


I have not done it, but I have a rule about these stuff: if it is not in the handbook of the column (I use the GE Healthcare, former Pharmacia) as damaging the column, then it is ok. Just take is as a salt and depending on the concentration of arginine, adjust the salt in the binding buffer accordingly. And trial and error. Try it and write an article about it in the Journal of Protein Expression and Purification :P I'd read it :)



Arginine is amino acid with basic side chain. It may take your basic buffer toward more basic side, depending on how much arginine you are adding. If quantity exceeds buffering capacity. you need to refer to literature for it.

BTW what is influence of arginine on catione exchange chromatography


@ascaciok: if my tutor lets me do it, I certainly will let you know how it went :) thanks
@prabhubct: here is a nice paper:
it is kinda suprising, at least I would expect it to compete with the protein and disable its binding to the column.