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Best proof-reading polymerase? - (Nov/06/2012 )

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hobglobin on Wed Nov 7 17:30:41 2012 said:

I used this Taq also a lot but with my last samples from a new insect species (amplifying microsatellite loci) it failed and now the cheap Bioline taq gives good and consistent results...
So as I'm working on several different species and have not just human samples and a known sequence, I've to try out and some polymerases work, some not. So for me it's often trial and error and there is no best.
Anyway we also should try out to make our own Phusion...

For sure they optimized their mix for certain application and human/mammalian is the most common. So I wouldn't be surprised that special application have special requirements. Also many people who work with enviromental samples use rather a inhibitor resistant polymerase or something.
And as for Phusion, I like the idea but again, if I can afford it, I'm pretty much willing to pay a company for their good polymerase they spend years creating.


Phusion works very well, but I've found that the new NEB Q5 polymerase also is very good. I'm trying to see which I like better, but Q5 is currently leading.


I read from Biotechniques, it says that Phusion from Finnzymes has the best proof reading activity.


Hi, we have very good polymerase at EarthOx Life Science. See 

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