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lipofectamine 2000:DNA complex stability - (Nov/05/2012 )

I have already prepared the complex DNA:lipofectamine and after 20 min, when I wanted to transfect the cells in culture, I have realized that they were dying... so I have to prepare a new 24 wells plate with cells. Has anybody tried to transfect this complex after storing it at 4°C for 24 hs? Is it possible? This time I throw it but I wonder if it is possible to store the DNA:lipofectamine2000 complex at 4 °C and for how long?
Thanks for the help


I don't think the complexes are that stable. The usual instruction is to perform the transfection within 45 minutes.


Well you may need to consult with Invitrogen support. We use lipid based formulation for delivering siRNA in vivo and store the formulated siRNA at 4C for months before use. So the lipofectamine2000 formulated complex is presumably stable at 4C.