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Chromosome mapping problem - (Nov/02/2012 )

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to work this problem on contigs in Lehninger's Biochemistry and am having no luck. I've tried arranging the fragments per size, and counting overlaps, but I feel like I'm missing some crucial bit of logic that will switch on the bulb!

"A group of overlapping clones, designated A through F, is isolated from one region of a chromosome. Each of the clones is seperately cleaved by a restriction enzyme and the pieces resolved by agarose gel electrophoresis, with the results shown in the figure below. There are nine different restriction fragments in this chromosomal region, with a subset appearing in each clone. Using this information, deduce the order of the restriction fragments in the chromosome"

I've attached the gel image that the problem provides.

Any ideas, tips, or even the whole solution ;-) will be much appreciated~!


Attached Image


Oops, just saw how blurry the image shows. Hyperlink here: