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rtPCR stem cell signalling array from quiagen- has anybody experience? - (Oct/31/2012 )

Hey there,
we are thinking to buy arrays for qPCR to analyse the gene expression in embryonic stem cells. I found an interesting array from quiagen, which contains some pluripotency markers, as well as embryonic pathways ( http://www.sabioscie.../PAHS-047Z.html ). I never used an array, nor do I have experience with this company. Can someone comment on this array, or do you have other suggestions for this kind of arrays? thanks in advance.


I've used some of the arrays and individual primers etc from SA Biosciences and found that they worked well once you optimize concentrations of everything. It was a quick and relatively easy way to get some qPCR results when I previously didn't have much qPCR experience. I didn't try out the stem cell one though.