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electronic multichannel pipette - would you recommend it? - (Oct/25/2012 )

Could anybody share experience with an electronic multichannel pipette? We are considering buying one (from Eppendorf or Biohit) and I wonder whether they work properly. Because I know, that people are often dissatisfied with mechanical multichannel pipette - each channel aspirates differently etc..


I can't remember the name of the brand of ours, but I can check when I'm back in the lab tomorrow. I love it. Especially the stepper option. Very helpful for setting up qpcr 96 well plates.

And we haven't had any issues with accuracy (you'd figure that out pretty quickly with something like qpcr). You just have to make sure that you use tips that fit the multichannel properly. Our standard "universal fit" cheapo lab tips are no good, but we were able to find some that do fit well without too much trouble.


I use an electronic multichannel pipette for my enzymatic assays. It is a must! The substrate must be added at the same time for kinetic studies and this is the only way. I agree with leelee that the tips are crucial for proper function. We use thermo tips specific for electronic multichannel pipettes with no problems.


I've found Rainin LTS multichannel pipettors work well (these are not electronic). I've had no to few problems with non-uniformity in the amount in each tip.