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The Cost of Knowledge - (Oct/25/2012 )

There is 12797 Researchers Taking a Stand to protest against Elsevier's business as they charge exorbitantly high prices for subscriptions to individual journals which restrict the easily-accessible distribution of their work. Is there any way out to solve the problem? Of course, there is. I think the Open Access is the only way out.
As a relatively recent development in academic publishing, the open access movement proposes a new business model for academic publishing, which is gaining increasing popularity among a lot of scientists and scholars. A study published today in PLoS Biology provides robust evidence that open-access articles are more immediately recognized and cited than non-OA articles. There is a list of reletivly good Open Access Publishers as follows:
BioMed Central
Scientific & academic Publishing (It is a new rising star in America)
American Physical Society
American Chemical Society
Nature (open access hybrid model)
American Institute of Physics (AIP)
Cell Press
Company of Biologists
Ecological Society of America
European Geosciences Union
Genetics Society of America
Company of Biologists
Optics Society of America