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HELP!! Anti-GFP antibody resuspended in 20% SDS!!!! - (Oct/24/2012 )


One of the students in our lab accidentally resuspended our 200ug Anti-GFP antibody in 500uL of 20% SDS solution instead of sterile water!! (The bottles were right next to each other)

What should I do from here??
As the lab manager, I am responsible for all of the reagents, and antibodies are way too expensive to just order more!
Since antibodies are proteins, is our stock completely ruined now??

I tried to think of some steps I could take from here:
1. Use them as is (will the antibodies even work now?)
2. Use lyophilization to dry out the samples in our vacuum/centrifuge. However, I'm afraid the SDS will precipitate with the antibody.

Any other ideas??


You could try dialysing the protein against a buffer without SDS.


you will need to add triton to the dialysis buffer if you want to have any chance of renaturing the antibodies.

i think they're shot. even if you succeed in regaining some function the results won't be reliable. you're going to have to bite the bullet and order more.