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Bioforum Discussion Copywrite - (Oct/24/2012 )

Is there copy-write for Discussion in Bioforum?


According to the front page of the forums, Bioforum is copyrighted from 1999-2012, though this is most likely to be for the forum design and name itself. I don't know how/if this includes the individual users' posted content, as this is a bit of a grey area for the internet. For example, facebook tried to say that all the content including images, posted on their website was their copyright, but have since been forced to concede that the copyright remains with the poster.


the bioforum name would (should?) be a trademark. copyrights are for a finite term, trademarks are permanent.


If you meant the copyright status of the written content /by members) you should google it, there are a few hits such as this:
or this:
Actually I've no idea about the status in bioforum, i.e. that when you register as a member you accept the licence terms and conditions and perhaps waive your copyrights (it's too long ago that I registered here to remember the fine-print ). Anyway in other forums you find this conditions...
And because moderators can delete and edit your posts, there should be a regulation that your copyrights are limited here...


Thanks. Is there issue of Self plagiarism if we use self posted content for publishing. It is always more chance that when we write something we may use same language and concept. If posts are copywrited by forum then whenther we have to give reference to self posted conted in forum?