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Drug Dose Replenishment - (Oct/23/2012 )

I'm starting some work with a new drug in our lab. It will be a multi day treatment and I'm wondering how people decide when to replenish drug dosages in culture? The only idea I have is to do a dose response and wait to see when the effect wears off. Others have suggested to look up the stability of the drug in media, but I'm not sure where to find that information.

Any help, suggestions, or guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Try the merck index and/or drug perodicals (there's a special name for these, but I forget it as I havn't seen/used one in about 15 years) for stability, basically it will be the same as in water.

Drug replenishment is usually done based on stability and biologically available dose, which will depend a bit on the cell type you are using, so you will probably be best to assay for the effect yourself.