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Teaching - (Oct/22/2012 )

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I did not understand motive of this subforum.
But if it is about how teaching in Biology could be improved. I will suggest more pictorial presentation. It helps in getting idea of concept easily. Animation use in teaching is good idea. Easy practicals exposure to every individual student which could give basics more instead of advanced knowledge. Field trips could be arranged for Biology (e.g. for Zoology and Botany students). Following standard text book for student is important instead following many improperly written texts).


The subforum is about how to improve teaching - tips and tricks that people have come across, cool presentations that people have found, good places and websites that are useful for information... that sort of thing.


As bob1 wrote, suggestions are also welcomed from students that feel their teacher is not doing it right or it's the oposite case and they have a great one and want to share it. Everything that is connected to explaining biology principles (mainly molecular biology, because the forums are targeted in this way) to someone, students, your granny, anyone.. I think this has a set of problems and challenges of it's own to make for a separate forum.

Since this was originally my idea, I will include some resources and few ideas I have had so far since I started teaching biology to medical students (that's like.. a month ;). But now I'm on a way to conference and in the train actually ;)


Thanks Bob 1 and Trof,
Yeah it's really nice concept. Students always have problems related to teachers teaching techniques. I hope many student will join, effect will be much good if teachers joins too.


What do you think of this concept? Actually I did not understand the squeaky voices...
(and there are several more teaching videos on utube, hopefully better ones, too)


I think the concept should be proportional the intended audience. Different for s school children and different for 1st year university students for example. But this one is not even simple and explaining enough for the younger, and way too weird and bizzare for the later (not in the positive way).

Seriously, why keep the nukleotides laughting on uracil, why are they bullying it? And adenine had way to much helium. If that's supossed to use fun to emphasize some key information, problem is there is none present. It's too embarasing even to watch.

I think it's more intended like amateur joke (I certainly hope) than with some real effort to teach something.


Is anyone available to mentor?  I am an adult returning to college and I am majoring in Bio.  I want to work in the field, but considering I won't have my Master's until I am 46, yikes...I think teaching may be the only option for me.  I really just need someone I can email with questions and get opinions from those with far more experience than I. :)


Congratulations on the return to study.


You can to post things here for feedback if you want to. I don't think there are many actual teaching academics (or school teachers for that matter) on here, but anyone is welcome, and (hopefully) someone will have a go at answering your questions.


Hey, hogblobin, I just watched this video and IT MADE MY DAY !!! I had keep myself from laughing out loud. Must be one of the silliest videos but cute in a way biggrin.pngbiggrin.pngbiggrin.pngbiggrin.pngbiggrin.pngbiggrin.pngbiggrin.pngbiggrin.png


I like the idea of this subforum because many (if not most) have to teach undergraduate students starting with postdoc; but many have not the qualification to teach; so this forum may reflectt this conflict and could offer ideas for solution

-Inmost sun-
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