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Nocodazole-induced apoptosis - (Oct/15/2012 )


I have a death assay to perform quite quickly (7AAD) and I was planning to use Nocodazole (that i have in large quantity) as positive control over 24hrs. (on U87 glioma cells)

Is it possible and what concentration should I use ?

Thank you


Here's what my go-to drug list has to say:

Has specific antimicrotubular activity for mammalian cells in culture. Promotes
microtubule depolymerization. Nanomolar concentrations alter microtubule dy-
namics and interfere with fibroblast locomotion without affecting polymer levels.
Arrests cells in mitosis.
Soluble in: DMSO
Stock concentration: 10 to 30 mM (store at room temperature)
Working concentration: 50 nM (low concentrations) to 30 µM (for effective mi-
crotubule depolymerization)
Duration of incubation: For rapid depolymerization of microtubules, preincubate
cells on ice with nocodazole for 15 min; use up to 24 hr.

Note: the actual concentration you should use will depend on the cell line and should be titrated before use.