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5% BSA blocking buffer - (Oct/10/2012 )

Is there a possibility to store blocking buffer or diluted Antibodies?

I already know sodium azide, but don´t really want to use this due to it´s high toxicity!

thanks in advance


for how long?

you can store at 4C for a couple of days without azide (why are you afraid of azide? you're probably using a lot of stuff that is toxic. just handle it with respect and you should have no problem).

you should be able to store block and primary antibody solutions at -20C for longer periods. secondary antibody solution depends on conjugated enzyme's ability to withstand freezing.


I've found that I can store diluted primary antibody solutions at 4C for months and just use the solution direct on multiple western blots and it works great each time without even adding azide. However, that said, I also find that without the azide they eventually start growing stuff after months, so azide is best for any important or expensive antibodies.


you can use azide alternatives like gentamycin sulfate or proclin 300 (among others)